We understand that your child is your most beloved, most important person in your world. We are committed to keeping all the children in our care safe, healthy, and happy. As we strive to keep our doors open during the pandemic, and holding to our commitment, we have come up with a list of policies and procedures that we are implementing. Please read on for a list of our COVID-19 Policies and Procedures...


First and foremost, our priority is to keep our students, our staff, and our school community as a whole, safe. We have implemented new policies and procedures to adapt to being open during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have always valued community input and open communication. Now, more than ever, we believe in it’s importance as we move forward with keeping our doors open and your children in the safest possible environment.



All staff will be wearing masks inside, except for snack and lunch times. While outside, staff will be allowed to take masks off, while not in close contact with children. We will not be enforcing mask wearing by students, though if you would like your child to wear a mask, and they are comfortable doing so, we will support you in that endeavor. 


Limited Enrollment/Staff

As a safety precaution we have made the decision to cap our enrollment at 75%- A maximum number of 15 children at one time. This decision will limit the number of children and staff that will be in the school and that we all will be coming in contact with. 

Drop Off and Pick Up

To limit the number of people coming in and out of the school, we will be doing at-the-gate drop off and pick up. Before any student is admitted, we will be taking a forehead temperature reading. Any student with an elevated temperature, of 100.4 or higher, will not be admitted to the school.


Staff and Enrolled Family’s Responsibility Outside of Meadowlark

We ask all staff and families at the school to continue social distancing, to wear masks when they are outside of their “quaren-team”, to quarantine after travel, and to not attend school if anyone in their household has come down with any sickness or can identify with any COVID symptoms. Per CDC recommendations, if your child or any member of your family has been in contact with any person diagnosed with COVID, your child must remain home in quarantine for the 14 day requirement.


Sanitation and Safety Precautions 

  • We will be keeping the school as clean as humanly possible. We will be cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched places, handles, toys, bathrooms, and tables according to the CDC’s recommended guidelines.  

  • We will have the windows open and ceiling fan on to ensure clean air is circulating. 

  • We ask that students only bring to school what they need (i.e. extra clothes, water bottle, weather appropriate outerwear, etc) and leave toys, blankets, etc. at home. 

  • Water bottles will remain in each student’s cubby, and while outside we will supply disposable, single use cups and a water cooler.

  • We are fortunate to have a large, varied, interactive outside space. We will be outside as much as possible, weather permitting. 

  • We have invested in smaller tables in the atelier and taken away the communal lunch/art table. We will be eating outside every day that we can, but if we need to dine indoors, we will have a two child per table limit.

  • We are enforcing hand washing upon arrival, before and after meals/snacks, and other times throughout the day. There are hand washing how-to posters at all sinks.

  • All staff will be symptom watching students and one another.


What If: COVID In Our School Community Procedure

If a child or their household member in the Meadowlark community is diagnosed with COVID, we will contact all families and shut down Meadowlark until we can evaluate the extent of the exposure and risk to the community. 

If while in our care, a child becomes symptomatic, we will separate said student from the rest of the class, but still in care of a teacher, and contact the parent/guardian immediately. The student will be given a disposable, kid sized mask to wear until a parent/guardian can pick them up.

....We take very seriously the responsibility of keeping your child and your family safe. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.