Welcome to a day at Meadowlark!

While each day is unique and special, there is a core rhythm to our time together. The heart of our program is creative artistic expression, outdoor free play,  and nature exploration. We try to honor each individual with a high degree of choice while maintaining physical and emotional safety. 

We will start the day indoors with "Morning Provocations." Provocations are creative, open-ended activity stations that allow for a variety of independent or group exploration. Materials and activities are set up on the work tables such as clay on one table, a sensorial station for scooping and pouring on another, and an art station with paper and markers at another table. Students come in and choose the activity they are drawn to and work until everyone has arrived and the energy for the morning activity starts to dwindle.


We will gather for our Morning Meeting which will include songs, stories, and making a plan for the day and the week. With the Reggio Emilia approach, the students are co-collaborators and help plan activities and themes that interest them.


We will have snack at 10am, and then be outside for an hour and a half followed by lunch at noon. After lunch, we settle in for some quiet time, to rest or nap, and to read aloud books. After settling down and reading, we will have more creative play inside (similar to provocations). Students will also be invited in small groups for art, literacy activities, or social/group games. 

Around 2pm we begin to prep for afternoon snack. After snack, we will be outside again, alternating between the mud kitchen, garden, sandbox, loose parts playground, and small group art projects.


The schedule will respond to student interests, but have the same consistent flow from higher energy and dispersed activity, to more grounding and lower energy, focused activity. 


In addition, we will also offer 2 "Forest School" days every month. (TBD for the 2022-2023 school year)